As a missionary, God teaches you many lessons. One unexpected lesson Mrs. Jezequel learned while ministering in Costa Rica was dependence. The concept of dependence is often a foreign one in our fast-paced, do-it-yourself society. We are taught from a young age to pursue independence and autonomy as we enter adulthood. However, the Bible calls us to have faith – to choose to rely on God – not to choose to do it on our own. Though this idea contradicts much of what we learn in the US, the Costa Rican culture embraces dependence and community.

Mrs. Jezequel, HCA’s Spanish and Psychology teacher, spent many years with her husband and children as a missionary to Costa Rica. She was recently published in Evangelical Missions Quarterly (EMQ), a prominent missions journal distributed by the Billy Graham Center for Evangelism. In her article, she discusses how God used the people of Costa Rica to teach her to be dependent on her friends and neighbors, and on Him.

Mrs. Jezequel explains that in Costa Rica, there is a strong sense of community – of interdependence – where someone is always ready to come alongside you and help. You would never even think of going anywhere by yourself. However, this mentality is not simply about fulfilling a need; it’s about building relationships. When you open your mind to being dependent on God and others, you allow the people that God puts in your life to become family.

Purposeful dependence helps us grow and not be stagnant; it causes a deeper desire for rich relationships that we didn’t even realize were possible. God calls us to have this type of rich relationship with Him, and with our neighbors. It is only by putting aside our own pride and independence that we are able to fully rely on Him.

Read Mrs. Jezequel’s full article on EMQ.

Tina Tatum | Communications Coordinator

Oct 3, 1:00pm – 25 views

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