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An Independent Online Experience


HCA Online can serve families that are looking for Christ-centered curriculum and support with which to home school their children.

Hawthorne Christian Academy’s Online program exists to provide Christian parents with resources and support to educate their children, at home, through a Biblical Worldview

  • Online Curriculum based on a Biblical Worldview
  • Schedule Flexibility
  • Economical Tuition
  • Email and Grading Services Provided by HCA Faculty
  • Optional Weekly Group Sessions with HCA Faculty
  • Weekly Live/Recorded Chapel Services


Enrollment - Existing Students

Existing students enrolled in our traditional (in-seat) school may easily transition to HCA Online for a subsequent school year. To begin the transition, please contact your school principal or the admissions office in writing.

Enrollment - New Students

To enroll in our HCA Online program parents should complete our HCA Online Student Application (to come). Accepted students will be provided with access to the online curriculum at the start of the HCA Online school year.

Course Content

HCA Online course content is delivered through an online learning platform and is presented via textual, video, and interactive formats. Some courses may feature “unplugged” activities which may require supplies or the printing of resources. Some courses also incorporate activities via third-party online applications.

Online Facilitators

HCA Online students are provided with one or more facilitators – HCA teachers that provide grading services, support, and encourage spiritual development. HCA Online facilitators will host weekly live group sessions in order to build community and encouragement.

Platform Support

HCA Online students and families experiencing any issues with an online platform, contact our technical support via email at


Assessment varies between grade levels. Many assessments are completed digitally on the online learning platform, proctored by the parent. Some assessments may be completed offline and/or submitted digitally through the online learning platform.


The HCA Online academic calendar is consistent with our campus school calendar. Courses typically begin in early-September and end in mid-June. Students should complete the coursework by the conclusion of the academic school year (the Friday prior to the last week of school), but may work at an accelerated pace if desired.

A 2-week summer extension may be available if any coursework is incomplete by the end of the academic calendar (additional fees apply).


How does online school work?

HCA Online is a home school educational experience. HCA Online students are provided with an online curriculum that has been written or and/or licensed by HCA on the student’s behalf. Parents guide and assist their child through the curriculum lessons and assessments. HCA Online facilitators grade student submissions and are available via email for support.

Additionally, HCA Online facilitators host weekly live group sessions for all students at a particular grade-level in order to provide opportunities for community and encouragement. Students are also invited to tune into weekly Chapel services recorded/streamed from our on campus services.

How much support access do we get?

The parent is the primary (daily) support for the student. Parents of HCA Online students should feel comfortable. and have the time, to home school their child. Additional academic and technical support is provided to students/parents via email through the HCA Online facilitator and online school personnel.

Is there tuition aid available?

Due to the reduced cost of tuition, HCA does not at this time award financial aid or discounts (e.g. multi-child) for students in the online school. Families are free to apply externally-secured financial aid (e.g. Tri-County Scholarship) to their HCA online tuition provided funds were granted with HCA Online tuition in mind.

Are there other supplies/materials that need to be purchased?

Most courses will feature printable material that can be printed directly at home. However, some other materials/supplies may need to be purchased. Subscription fees to online resources utilized by the program will be provided at no charge.

Can my child participate in sports?

At this time, HCA Online students are not eligible for on-campus co-curricular activities, including sports.


Grades K - 2

– Full Courses: Bible, Language Arts, Math
– Partial Courses: Science, and Social Studies
– Third-party online resources
– One facilitator for all subjects

Grade 3 - 6

– Full Courses: Bible, Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies
– Third-party online resources
– One facilitator for all subjects


Grades K - 2

All K-2 subjects, with the exception of Math, have been written with care by our HCA Online faculty. Math has been licensed from Accelerate Education for use by our HCA Online students. Please feel free to check out some of our curriculum previews below.

Bible, Language Arts, Science, Social Studies
Grade 1
Bible, Science, Social Studies
Grade 2
Bible, Science, Social Studies

Grades 3 - 6

All subjects have been licensed from Alpha Omega Publications (Ignitia) for use by our HCA Online students. Curriculum previews to come.

Grade 3
Core Subjects (Bible, Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies)


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Director of Online Instruction

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