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A New Educational Experience


HCA Virtual can serve families that are facing health, social-distancing, financial, and/or schedule-based difficulties.

Hawthorne Christian Academy’s Virtual School exists to provide a directed online curriculum consistent with that provided in the traditional classroom. Students in the HCA Virtual School experience a more asynchronous (independent) style of education in keeping with the Mission Statement of Hawthorne Christian Academy.

  • Virtual Education through a Biblical Worldview
  • Consistent HCA Mission
  • Online curriculum consistent with traditional (in-seat) curriculum.
  • Regular connections with HCA faculty
  • Easy transition to/from traditional (in-seat) enrollment
  • Schedule flexibility
  • Economical tuition
  • No application necessary for current students


Enrollment - Existing Students

Existing students enrolled in our traditional (in-seat) school may easily transition to HCA Virtual for a subsequent school year. To begin the transition, please contact your school principal or the admissions office in writing.

Enrollment - New Students

The enrollment process for HCA Virtual is similar to the process used for our traditional (in-seat) educational experience. For more information on the application process, please visit our Admissions page.

Course Content

HCA Virtual course content is delivered through an online learning platform and is presented via textual, video, and interactive formats. Online platforms feature tools to assist students with reading and note taking. Some courses may feature “unplugged” activities which may require supplies or the printing of resources. A list of any required non-printable supplies will be presented to parents prior to the start of the school year or course.

Home "Learning Coach"

Parents, or other at-home adults, play an important “learning coach” role in virtual school education, especially for younger students. The learning coach is involved in daily scheduling, reading, concept understanding, proctoring assessments, and overall lesson completion.

Course Facilitators

HCA Virtual students are provided with one or more course facilitators – HCA teachers that will stay connected with the student, provide additional academic support, and encourage spiritual development. Elementary school students will typically have a single facilitator that will assist them with all subjects. Secondary students may have several facilitators, depending on subject matter.

Course facilitators are available via email, during scheduled virtual office hours, and during scheduled synchronous sessions.

Synchronous Sessions

Synchronous sessions are typically scheduled on a weekly (K-3) or bi-weekly (4-12) basis allowing the student and course facilitator a chance to connect face-to-face via video chat. During these sessions course facilitators will touch base on progress, answer questions, conduct live assessments (K-5), review concepts, and/or encourage students spiritually.

Synchronous sessions are scheduled by the course facilitator with the family for a time acceptable to both the family and facilitator. Sessions may run 15-60 minutes depending on need, schedules, grade level, course(s) in question, and need.

Platform Support

HCA Virtual students and families are also provided with platform assistance for any issues related to the use of the provided online platform(s). If you are experiencing any issues with an online platform, contact our technical support via email at


Most HCA Virtual assessments are completed digitally on the online learning platform, proctored by the Learning Coach. Some assessments may be completed offline and submitted digitally through the online learning platform or directly to the course facilitator. Other assessments may be conducted live during synchronous sessions (Lower School).


The HCA Virtual academic calendar is consistent with that of the traditional school calendar. Courses typically begin in early-September and end in mid-June. Students should complete the coursework by the conclusion of the academic school year (the Friday prior to the last week of school), but may work at an accelerated pace if desired.


Though current NJ State law does not require homeschooling parents to maintain attendance, HCA Virtual students will be expected to demonstrate daily attention to coursework which will be utilized by the school for attendance purposes. Students participating in on-campus activities (e.g. sports) will need to adhere to the attendance requirements for participation as outlined in the Parent-Student Handbook.


How does virtual school work?

The HCA Virtual educational experience is designed to be primarily independent yet guided and supported through connections with HCA teachers.

HCA Virtual students are provided with an online curriculum that has been selected, managed, and licensed by HCA on the student’s behalf. HCA Virtual students work independently, guided daily by their Learning Coach (e.g. a parent) to complete coursework. Families are able to create a schedule that allows flexibility for the student and family unit, but keeps students on pace to complete coursework during the traditional school year.

HCA Virtual students are provided academic support directly from HCA. Each student is assigned one or more course facilitators (HCA teachers) that are available to answer questions via email, will hold virtual office hours for pop-in chats/questions, and will also schedule weekly or bi-weekly synchronous sessions.

How much support access do we get?

The Learning Coach (e.g. parent) is the primary (daily) support for the student. Additional academic and technical support is provided to students/families through the course facilitator and/or virtual school personnel ( Assigned course facilitators are available via email support, online virtual office hours, and synchronous sessions.

Response time for most email messages will be less than 24 hours. Some questions (e.g. those requiring significant instructional support) may need to be held for future virtual office hours or scheduled synchronous sessions.

K-5 facilitators will typically hold two 1-hour virtual office sessions per school day, during regular school hours. 6-12 facilitators will typically hold two 30-minute virtual office hour sessions each week. At least one session will be during regular school hours, with the other possibly during extended hours (3 – 4pm). Virtual office hours are typically available to multiple students, so sessions may not be 1:1. Virtual office hour schedules are subject to change. Students participating in sports may be unable to utilize some scheduled virtual office hour sessions.

Synchronous sessions will typically be scheduled weekly (K-3) or bi-weekly (4-12), are typically 15-60 minutes in length (depending on purpose, need, grade-level, content etc.) and will typically be 1:1. Synchronous sessions will be scheduled for a time convenient to both the student and facilitator.

Can I transfer from HCA Virtual to the traditional school during the school year?

Students enrolled in HCA Virtual may request a transfer to the traditional classroom during the first two weeks of the school year or for the second semester. Transfer requests should be submitted in writing to the Director of Virtual Instruction or school principal by January 2nd of the current school year. Requests will be reviewed by the Director of Virtual Instruction along with the school principal and guidance office.

The following factors will be considered before approving a transfer request:
– Student grades/progress through coursework
– Tuition payment status
– Classroom enrollment numbers
– Credit/graduation requirements
– Class schedules

Is there tuition aid available?

Due to the reduced cost of tuition, HCA does not at this time award financial aid or discounts (e.g. multi-child) for students in the virtual school. Families are free to apply externally-secured financial aid (e.g. Tri-County Scholarship) to their HCA Virtual tuition provided funds were granted with HCA Virtual tuition in mind.

Are there other supplies/materials that need to be purchased?

Most courses will feature printable material that can be printed directly at home. K-5 students may have supply lists for the entire curriculum. These lists will be made available on our Parent Portal.

Other courses may have a few supplies that need to be acquired, but in many cases you will already have these items in your home. Some language arts courses have novels that need to be acquired, but you may be able to acquire/borrow them for free through a local/digital library.

Can my child participate in sports?

HCA Virtual students may participate in middle/high school sports. Inquiries regarding on-campus sports may be directed to the Director of Virtual Instruction or to the Director of Athletics. Athletic fees and attendance requirements for participation will apply.

Is Christian Service still required?

Yes, Christian Service is required of all HCA middle and high school students (traditional and virtual). For more information, see our Christian Service page of the Parent Portal.


Grades K - 5

$4,500 ($450/mo for 10 months)
– 6 full-year facilitated classes: Bible, Language Arts, Math, Physical Education/Health, Science, Social Studies

Grades 6 - 8

$4,800 ($480/mo for 10 months)
– 6 full-year facilitated classes: Bible, English Language Arts, Math, Physical Education, Science, Social Studies
– 1 optional non-facilitated full-year elective or 2 non-facilitated semester electives (1 per semester)

Grades 9 - 12

$5,100 ($510/mo for 10 months)
– Up to 6 full-year facilitated courses*
– 1 optional non-facilitated full-year elective or 2 non-facilitated semester electives (1 per semester)

* In some cases a full-year course can be substituted with 2 non-concurrent semester courses. A total of 132.5 credits (1 full-year course = 5 credits) are required for graduation. See HCA graduation requirements for more detail. Some courses may not have available facilitator.


– Application Fee (new students): $125
– Enrollment Fee (new students): $200
– Re-enrollment Fee (existing students): $100
– Transportation Fee: $0
– Technology Fee: $0
– Athletic Fee (per sport): $100


When considering the option of virtual school, it is important to ask some questions about the individual learner and their support system.


Contact Info

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Director of Virtual Instruction

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