Annual giving provides critical unrestricted support for the basic operation of the Academy. Tuition covers approximately 90% of what it costs to educate our students. Annual giving helps make up the gap, enabling us to offer academic and extra-curricular activities that develop students’ potential, in addition to supporting financial aid. By contributing to HCA’s annual giving appeal, you’ll know that your gift will support students immediately and your donation is 100% tax-deductible.

For more information contact Sandy Vasquez Chong. (973) 423-3331  EXT: 225

How does annual giving fit within The Defender Fund?

All annual giving contributions help to fund our endowment. A contribution to the endowment aids families who cannot financially afford a Christian education for their child and supports our faculty. Our goal is to deliver the best possible education to our students each year.

Why is participation in annual giving so important?

Participation in annual giving is an important sign of a thriving school community. It demonstrates everyone’s commitment to the success of our students and faculty, and it provides direct financial support to our programs since tuition covers only 90% of costs. Annual Giving not only benefits current and incoming students through the advancement of our programs and technology but also builds a solid and stable foundation for the future.

What does annual giving actually support?

  • Financial aid
  • Enhanced educational resources, such as 1:1 laptop initiatives.
  • Professional development for faculty as well as the crucial flexibility that allows us to hire and retain the most talented teachers and coaches
  • The arts, including sets and costumes for musicals and plays, musical instruments and art supplies
  • Small class sizes, which provide for more personalized attention

Why is alumni participation so important?

Participation in annual giving is a direct statement about alumni engagement in the life of the school, demonstrating that graduates are supportive of current and future generations of HCA students. Participation, not the size of the gift, is most important. Any amount will help us achieve our participation goal.

Can I contribute to annual giving in tribute to someone special?

Absolutely! We encourage our donors to make a gift in honor, or memory, of someone who has made a difference in their life or the life of their child. This can be a faculty or staff member, alumni, or even a current student. If you would like to specify a tribute, please put the name of the person in whose honor or memory you are making the gift on the check memo line.

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