Chromebook program

HCA’s Chromebook program is meant to strengthen and enhance the learning process through the practical integration of technology in the workflow of students and teachers. A key facet of the program is the distribution of Chromebooks to all students in grades 9-12 for use at school and home.

Chromebook Distribution

Students entering grade 9 will be issued a previously used Chromebook to be used for one year and returned during final exam week.


Students entering grade 10 will receive a new Chromebook to be used for their remaining years at HCA. Students in grades 10 and above are permitted to use their Chromebooks over summer vacation unless otherwise communicated by school administration.


Home Usage

Though students are free to bring Chromebooks home, use of them at home is not a necessity. Chromebook usage at home should be bound by any existing device usage limits/practices established by the parent/guardian.

Parents/Guardians are always encouraged to implement Internet filtering/monitoring at home regardless of the device being used. If filtering is not implemented at home, parents are encouraged to limit private use of Internet-enabled devices and provide public areas where usage can be monitored.


Chromebooks issued to students should provide 6-8 hours of continued use.

Students should fully charge their Chromebooks prior to each school day.

Students may NOT charge their Chromebooks in class.

Several Charging Stations will be available on campus for the charging of Chromebooks during the school day.


All students will be connected to one or more Google Cloud printers to which they can print from their Chromebooks during the school year.

Print jobs may be monitored/administered by technology department personnel.

Abuse of this privilege can result in revoked access to printers.

Student Chromebooks may also be connected to home printers if the student/parent is knowledgeable; HCA provides no support for printing to home printers from Chromebooks.

Warranty & Maintenance

New Chromebooks issued to students in grade 10 will be covered by a 3-year warranty which includes accidental damage and battery replacement protection.

Used Chromebooks issued to students in grade 9 may or may not be covered under warranty.

Parents and students will be responsible for any non-accidental damage to the device as well as any other problems experienced beyond the scope of a typical warranty (including theft/loss).

Chromebooks requiring any maintenance or repair should be brought to the attention of technology department personnel immediately.


Other Devices

Only school-issued Chromebooks may be used as a part of this program.

Other personal devices may only be used outside of class.


Some classroom lessons involving Chromebooks may require private listening.

It is highly recommended that students have a pair of headphones or earbuds with them each school day.

Very few (if any) loaner headphones will be available for student use.

To learn more about HCA’s  Chromebook program, please contact if you have any questions.

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