Our friends, parents, alumni, and intercessors are vital to the success of HCA. Every prayer and every gift, regardless of the amount, has an impact and strengthens our mission to prepare our students academically and spiritually, to make a difference in the world.

Your support ensures excellence in our classrooms, computer labs, concerts, and athletic games. We depend on your partnership and support. There are many ways to offer that support, from our annual fund, to shopping initiatives, to planned giving, and more. 

Sandy Vasquez-Chong

Director of Advancement
973-423-3331 EXT:225

Hawthorne Christian Academy is founded on God’s Word and mission, which are embedded in all we do here. These values are not something that is simply taught, or a cliché tagline.  Rather, I’ve been so proud to see them lived out by students, parents, faculty, and staff. There is a humble, generous, selfless willingness to help that is often foreign in today’s society. It is an incredibly powerful, inspirational representation of God’s Word and mission, and in my opinion, the most relevant and effective way to spread His Word. When we live as Jesus did, we are showing the world the power of selflessness, of love, and of community, that are often lost in a “me first” society. I am so blessed, so thankful, and so inspired to be part of this family and to work for Him.

Our friends, families, alumni, faculty, and staff extend the school’s reach in the world with their generous, selfless contributions. As incredible volunteers and donors, their love for the Lord is ever present in their willingness to give their time and financial contributions, which may not always be seen, but is always felt. Without their continued generosity, HCA would not be the incredible, unique, authentic Christian family that it is today.

Thank you for your willingness to selflessly give your time and effort to help our community. Thank you, generous donors, for your significant financial contributions that help us continue to make an impact on this world. And thank you, Lord for, allowing us to do your work and represent you in all that we do!



From parents and alumni to foundations and corporations, those who support HCA come from a myriad of backgrounds. What they share is a belief in HCA’s mission and a commitment to advancing it.

The Advancement Office provides guidance, assistance, and information for those interested in furthering HCA’s goals. We invite you to learn more about opportunities to support Hawthorne Christian Academy.

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