Guidance services at Hawthorne Christian Academy are based on Biblical principles that provide the foundation for development in academics, personal integrity, and career maturation. The K-12 curriculum promotes student commitment to wise and devout Christian living as the students grow in their understanding and purposeful use of their God-given gifts.

Beginning in middle school and throughout high school the Guidance Department works closely with the faculty, parents, and students to ensure appropriate placement in classes whether that be college preparatory, accelerated and/or AP courses. The Director of Guidance and ancillary staff is available for consultation with parents, teachers, and other professionals as student concerns arise. The Guidance Office oversees and administers parent/student orientation, course selection, student academic records, standardized testing, and the college planning process.

While all of the functions of the Guidance Office are important, the individualized college planning is possible because of class size and the Hawthorne Christian Academy community which promotes relationships. College planning includes hosting the NACAAP fair, presenting the overall process to juniors during four class sessions, holding a plenary session for parents, and scheduling individual meetings with parents and students. The many individualized parent and student conferences allow for a complete exploration of unique concerns and practical solutions for each family. The Guidance Office purposes to provide useful and current information on a wide variety of college admissions issues. The Director of Guidance seeks to support school families in researching, identifying, and connecting with colleges and sources of financial aid.

For questions about our Guidance program please contact our Guidance Department.

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