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Why Apologetics?

Why Apologetics? Apologetics means to make a defense. In a court of law, when an attorney wants to support his point, he will give a reasoned argument for why his position is true. Apologetics doesn’t mean “making apologies.” We’re not making excuses for what we...

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This year’s HCA Banquet theme is “Intentional.” Hear what some of our faculty has to say about living intentionally!   BEING INTENTIONAL ABOUT YOUR INTENTIONS Good Intentions (noun) – ideas that you plan to carry out Living Intentionally (verb) – to act with a...

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Training the Next Generation of Defenders

I am blessed to have a unique perspective on Hawthorne Christian Academy. In 1995, my wife Jennifer and I were thankful to be graduates from HCA. I was humbled in 2001 to become a coach at HCA, privileged in 2004 to become a teacher, and then tremendously blessed in...

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Secrets to a Happy Campus

“There are three types of people in the world: Those who watch things happen. Those who make things happen. Those who wonder what happened.” Students who are leaders are the ones who make things happen. At HCA, following these three behaviors will have a significant...

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HCA Spiritual Emphasis: Through the Years

“Spiritual Emphasis” has been an integral part of HCA for more than 25 years. Unlike our weekly chapels, it gives our student body focused time with the Lord, set apart from academics, to address issues relevant to them in today’s world. It carves out a bigger chunk...

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Why Kindergarten Matters

The benefits of attending kindergarten are boundless and innumerable, and can be seen throughout a child’s educational career and into adulthood. Though a majority of New Jersey districts offer full-day kindergarten, New Jersey law does not actually mandate it....

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The Joy of Teaching Middle Schoolers

Middle schoolers are fun! They love to laugh and joke around; they enjoy puns and plays on words (almost as much as I do). You will know what’s on their minds by the expressions on their faces - they don’t try to put on airs - what you see is what you get. My favorite...

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Are You Better Than Michael Jordan?

“From everyone who has been given much, much will be demanded; and from the one who has been entrusted with much, much more will be asked.” -Luke 12:48 One year after graduating from Eastern University in St. David’s, Pennsylvania, I was given the opportunity to play...

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10 Tips to Overcome Test Anxiety

Test anxiety is very common, and can occur for a variety of reasons - fear of failure, lack of preparation, repetition of past difficulties, and many more. It presents itself with unpleasant symptoms, such as headaches, rapid heartbeat, racing thoughts, lack of...

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