High School

Graduation Requirements

High School Graduation Requirements
Hawthorne Christian Academy is a college preparatory school. Our graduation requirements are as follows:
  • Bible4 years
  • English/Literature4 years
  • Mathematics
    Including: Algebra I, II, and Geometry4 years
  • History3 years
  • Science
    Including: Biology and Chemistry3 years
  • Foreign Language2 years
  • Technology1 semester

Advanced Placement®

Advanced Placement® Courses
Hawthorne Christian Academy offers a variety of Advanced Placement® (AP®) courses. Students taking these course have the opportunity to take the respective AP Exam.
  • AP® Biology
  • AP® Calculus
  • AP® Computer Science A
  • AP® Computer Science Principles
  • AP® English: Literature & Composition
  • AP® Studio Art
  • AP® United States Government
  • AP® United States History


High School Electives
Hawthorne Christian Academy also offers a variety of elective courses. A number of these include:
  • Foreign Language: Spanish III & IV
  • Science: Physics, Anatomy & Physiology, and Psychology
  • Business: Accounting & Personal Finance
  • English/Literature: Twentieth Century Literature & Creative Writing
  • History: Introduction to Law
  • Technology: Video Editing & Introduction to Programming
  • Mathematics: Pre-Calculus & Selected Topics in Math
  • Music: Music History, Music Theory, Vocal & Instrumental, and Handbell Choir
  • Art: Art & Culture and art classes (which may include painting, drawing, calligraphy, visual arts, or studio art).
  • Other: Yearbook

Extracurricular Activities

Extracurricular Activities
  • Competitions in music and art
  • Chorus, instrumental ensemble, handbells
  • Athletics: cross-country, soccer, girls volleyball, basketball, bowling, baseball, softball, and track & field
  • School plays, student council, yearbook, student ambassadors
  • Field trips appropriate to field of study and annual overnight class trip
  • NJ State Bar Foundation Mock Trial

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2018‑19 High School Course Catalog

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