HCA’s preschool program provides an introduction to Christian education, while also providing a nurturing “first time away from mom” experience for each child. Three and four-year-old children grow and develop in so many positive ways as they interact with other children socially, and learn to be part of a community.

What is the class size?

The full-day four year old class size is a maximum of 21 students with a head teacher and two teachers’ aids. The half-day four-year-old class is a maximum of 12 students with a head teacher and one teachers’ aid. The three year old class size is a maximum of 15 students with a head teacher and one teachers’ aid. This creates a student/teacher ratio of six or seven students to one adult.

Is October 1st the cut-off date for admission to the preschool program?

Yes. Our cut-off dates are nonnegotiable. Children must be 3 by October first to be eligible for our three-year old Preschool program and 3 1/2 by October first to be eligible for our four-year old program.

How important is it for a child to be potty trained?

It is required for all children in our preschool program to be potty trained

Can I change my child’s days of enrollment midyear?

Seats in our preschool program fill up quickly, therefore, it can be difficult to change your schedule after the school year begins. However, if space is available we can certainly accommodate your needs.

Is extended care provided before and after school hours?

Both Before and After Care are provided under the supervision of HCA faculty members. Before Care is available at 7:00 a.m. with a $2.00 charge for any portion of the time the child attends. Our After Care program is available for full-day students, from 3:05 until 5:45. The fee for After Care is $2.00 per half hour or any part of a half hour.

Can I switch a day if my child is sick or misses their regular day?

Since the student/teacher ratio must be maintained for the safety and care of our children, days missed cannot be made up.

What safety measures are in place?

Doors remain locked during school hours. Visitors are buzzed in only after they receive a guest pass from the Visitors Booth, located outside the preschool entrance. Two security guards are on duty each day

Are tuition discounts offered for the preschool program?

Multiple child discounts are available for those with siblings enrolled in Hawthorne Christian Academy.

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