When parents are considering possible high schools for their children to attend, they investigate the schools’ academic programs, extra-curricular activities, student-teacher ratios, and other factors that will affect their students’ scholastic experiences. However, another important aspect to consider is the higher education to follow. What types of colleges are graduates accepted to? How well does the school prepare its students for the next chapter of their education? College acceptances are a direct reflection of the high school that enabled and prepared its students for collegiate acceptance and success.

Each year, U.S. News releases a list of the top colleges in the US according to their ranks. The list spans many different kinds of colleges, from Ivy League schools to small private universities. Of the top 100 colleges listed, HCA graduates have applied and been accepted to over twenty. Some of these schools include: University of Pennsylvania, Duke University, Cornell University, University of Chicago, Haverford College, and many more. To view a partial list of colleges attended by HCA grads, visit our home page.

As our students are faced with the arduous task of choosing the college that is the right fit for them each year, HCA’s Guidance Department comes alongside them to aid and encourage them throughout the process. Our reputable, well-known college and career program has been guiding our students to their best and brightest futures for over 30 years. Though choosing where to go to college is sometimes a stressful decision, HCA prepares its students academically, relationally, and spiritually for whatever lies ahead.

View the U.S. News 2018 National University Rankings here.