Head of School, Dave Seidman, interviewing our new Upper School principal, Todd Mitchell.

What drew you to HCA as a parent?
As a dad, my desire was to give my sons the benefit of a Christian education. It was a priority for Laura and me that our children not just learn, but that they learn in a loving environment through the eyes of the Bible. As school employees, we understood the significant role that a young person’s teachers and school culture
play in their development. We were convinced that we wanted Luke and Matt to learn in a Christ-centered environment from teachers who love Jesus with children from families that call him Lord. After praying, searching and visiting schools in the area, HCA clearly distinguished itself as a loving community that believes and teaches the Word, supports strong academic instruction from a Biblical Worldview, and, most importantly, keeps Christ as their center, and His glory as their goal.

How have you seen your children grow here?
I am incredibly grateful to God and all those who serve at HCA for their investment in Luke and Matthew’s lives over the past nine years. Since enrolling them at HCA, Laura and I have seen our sons develop academically and socially, but most importantly, we have seen them grow spiritually. Their time at HCA has helped them first trust the Bible as the infallible Word of God and the foundation of their lives. Second, it has helped them grow in spiritual maturity as they develop their own personal relationship with Him. Third, I have seen them develop servants’ hearts with a deepening desire to serve others and to share the gospel.

What is your current role as an educator?
I just completed my sixth year as the Supervisor of Special Education within the Livingston Public Schools. In that capacity, along with fulfilling my role on the Central Office Leadership Team, I support and supervise about 70 teachers and educational specialists.

Coming to HCA is a big change for you. What led you to do this?
Over the past several years, I believe God has worked on my heart and led me to HCA in two clear ways. First, I began to feel God’s prompting to serve him with the best I have. Initially I didn’t know how it would happen, but I knew that I wanted to give more for His glory. As my heart changed, God formed me into a more willing
servant. Concurrently, I became passionate about the importance of Christian education, which gives hope, imparts godly wisdom, and leads young people to a relationship with their Savior. I began to feel that my work in public education was lacking eternal significance since, as King Solomon said, all knowledge apart from God is “striving after wind.” I became hopeful that serving at HCA would become the opportunity I was seeking to give God my best and to help young people understand that all knowledge is God’s knowledge and should ultimately be used to grow us so we can glorify Him! I praise God that I have the blessing of joining this ministry in His service!

What are you looking forward to most as you take on this role?
I am truly humbled to have the opportunity to serve as a principal at HCA. I look forward to developing relationships with the teachers, staff, and families at HCA as we all work together to lead our students toward academic and spiritual growth. I can’t wait to see firsthand the amazing work that the Lord is doing through HCA in the lives of our students!

When you’re not in administrator mode, what do you do for fun?
When I’m not working, I enjoy coaching my boys’ soccer teams, traveling, and doing DIY projects around our home. I’m also a big Liverpool Football Club (soccer) fan and love roller coasters and amusement parks!