Hawthorne Christian Academy is committed to inspire and challenge our students toward spiritual maturity, to achieve academic excellence, and to impact the world for Christ.

A Hawthorne Christian Academy graduate will:

Toward spiritual maturity…
1. Have a knowledge of who Christ is, and a personal relationship with Him as their Savior.
2. Exemplify Christ-like character in their daily words and actions.
3. Understand the distinctiveness of a Biblical worldview in relation to other worldviews.
4. Pursue ongoing spiritual growth.

To achieve academic excellence…
1. Have a life-long passion for learning.
2. Engage in critical thinking: asking meaningful questions, solving problems, and making Godly decisions.
3. Be an effective communicator, both verbally and in writing.
4. Work competently, both collaboratively and independently.

To impact the world for Christ…
1. Be a Servant Leader who loves and serves others in the church and community.
2. Identify, develop, and use their God-given gifts for the greater good and to the honor and glory of God.
3. Articulate and defend their faith, and seek to share the Gospel.
4. Understand the complexity and interdependency among diverse cultures, as well as value each person
as created in the image of God.