In Elementary School, we are seeing a rise in childhood anxiety. Students are coming to us with fears, concerns related to their academic work, separation-anxiety from parents, and social worries. It is apparent that the culture of today is significantly impacting our children. Parents do need to be aware of what their children are hearing from the news, and their exposure to social media, particularly the pressures that peers can contribute if a child is left out of events and friend dialogue. Keep in mind also that some anxiety in children is normal as they adjust to new experiences and as they grow and handle more responsibility and independence through developmental years.

Tips for Parents:
1. Stress your child’s strengths and challenges with praise to build their self-confidence and encourage a
desire to try new things
2. Encourage independence, especially with age-appropriate tasks that they can do themselves
3. Encourage your child to talk about their feelings, presenting a positive perspective and assurance that
they can handle the situation of concern
4. Stay calm yourself so that the child's anxiety does not increase
5. Consider new transitions and experiences in advance and dialogue with your child about what to
6. At school, let your child's teacher know in advance of a tendency to worry, or hold back, so that the
teacher can also be sensitive and positive with potential triggers

God’s Word provides us with many verses to assure our children as we help them navigate the developmental
steps towards adulthood. Share these promises from God with your child so that they are aware of our loving
heavenly Father’s presence every day and all day:
• Psalm 34:10 – Those who seek the Lord lack no good thing
• Isaiah 26:3-4 – God will keep in perfect peace those who trust in Him
• Psalm 46:1-3 – God is our refuge and strength, our ever-present help in trouble
• Psalm 55:22 – Cast your cares on the Lord and he will sustain you
• Psalm 121:1-2 – Our help comes from the Lord, the Maker of heaven and earth
• Philippians 4:6-7 – The peace of God will guard our hearts and minds in Christ Jesus
• Joshua 1:9 – Be strong and courageous, for the Lord will be with you wherever you go
• Isaiah 41:10 – Do not fear, for the Lord is with you

Mrs. Donna Pfeiffer
Lower School Principal