Welcome to the Lower School Library! Our library serves students from preschool through fifth grade. Come join us as we travel through the grades and catch a glimpse of all we do!

Our three-year-old preschoolers enjoy story time once a week. Mrs. Cingale travels to the classroom with books, songs, and finger plays to foster a love of reading in our youngest students. Working closely with Mrs. Andersen’s themes, we have enjoyed adventures in apple picking and polar bear hunting. We have learned about pumpkins and penguins. We have discovered the joy of a thankful heart and the gift of God’s Son sent to us at Christmas. The enthusiasm of our littlest learners makes Library time a favorite special!

Our Kindergarten and first grade students enjoy a once-a-week trip to the Library to learn about book care and library skills. Reinforcement of alphabet skills helps students locate books by their favorite authors and on their favorite topics. Sammy the Shelf Marker helps us to keep books in their proper place while we browse. Students are encouraged to check out books to enjoy each week. Some books are meant to read with family, and others are “good fit” books to read independently. We are also spotlighting authors such as Jan Brett, Ezra Jack Keats, and Dr. Seuss! Learning about why the author writes a particular story helps us better understand
the stories we are reading.

100 Books in 100 Days! This was the challenge Mrs. Cingale gave to the 4-year-old preschool, kindergarten, and first grade classes in September. Congratulations to all for completing it! We are celebrating our success with a camping adventure in the Library.

Our second through fifth grade classes also come to the Library once a week. We spend time working through various library skills and enjoying a read-aloud time, as we discover new and classic stories. Library lessons are hands-on, interactive activities to engage students in learning and reading. Students check out books in class and throughout the week as needed.

Aim for the Stars Reading Log Challenge! Our second through fifth grade students are competing against each other to see which grade can read the most pages this year! Third and fourth grade classes have one hundred
percent participation, while second grade is improving each month. However, fifth grade has the lead! Keep up the good work!

The Library is a place to discover and learn.

Mrs. Sara Cingale
LS Library Teacher