When my children attended HCA, I was impressed. I witnessed respect for each Christian denominational
bent, each cultural uniqueness, and every learning challenge. I met teachers who cared beyond the classroom, found the quality of education to be excellent, and saw every student encouraged. When my children went to college they were prepared and equipped for the rigors of their studies.

I also “attended” HCA as an employee, writing the Link and Chimes for twenty years. This gave me an insider’s
view of my children’s school, and what I saw surprised me. Teens greeted me in the hall. The students
encouraged and prayed for each other. Teachers discussed how to best meet the specific needs of their
students with genuine concern for their well-being.

Today I have five grandchildren at HCA. I see the quality of their friends. I watch them stretch as they grapple
with homework. I listen to their stories and their laughter about school. And I am thankful—HCA continues to
minister as it educates and educate as it ministers, while striving to develop fully devoted, academically
prepared, committed representatives