Uniform Ordering Information

The HCA Dress Code promotes unity and modesty by requiring the wear of official HCA logo bearing shirts offered through Toucan Embroidery.  The Dress Code also specifies guidelines in choice of pants/skirts and other apparel.  For more information, please read through the documents made available below.

Ordering from Toucan Embroidery

HCA uniform apparel orders are handled and fulfilled by Toucan Embroidery. Please visit the Toucan Embroidery website to order authorized apparel. Orders and payments are processed on Toucan Embroidery's website.  Completed orders will be delivered to the HCA campus for pickup.

Ordering Periods

The dates provided below are "ordering periods" during which you can place an order and avoid an additional $12 order charge. Though you can order at any time, if ordering outside these periods you will incur the $12 order fee. This fee can be avoided by purchasing in-stock items directly from Toucan Embroidery (call 973-729-3018).

2017-2018 Ordering Periods

  • October 25 - 30
  • December 13 - 18
  • February 7 - 12
  • April 9 - 16

Dress Code Standards

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