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1. When does the Admissions Season begin?
The Admissions Season for Fall enrollment opens in February or March of the previous year. Parents and students are encouraged to experience the HCA community at one of our admissions events (such as an Open House or a private School Tour). Plan a Visit or register for an Open House. We offer rolling admissions for students in grades Preschool-Grade 5 if space is available. If there is room in the grade at the end of the first semester, we admit students in grades 6-12 for Semester 2 as well.

2. What is the deadline for admissions?
HCA offers rolling admissions, so there is no official application deadline. Applications are processed in the order they are received. Apply early, as class size is limited and may fill up quickly. Applications are available online here.

3. Are there fees involved in applying to Hawthorne Christian Academy?
The application fees are as follows:
Preschool: $100.00
K-12: $200.00

4. What is the kindergarten cut-off date?
Kindergarten children must be five-years-old by October 1st of the year they will start kindergarten. There are no exceptions permitted.

5. How much weight does the Admissions Committee give to test scores?
The Admission Committee evaluates a student’s potential success based on the application in its entirety. We review grades, behavior records, teacher/pastor recommendations, standardized test scores, entrance assessments, and the family interview.

6. What is the review process for an application?
Our goal at Hawthorne Christian Academy is to match students/families with our school mission statement by evaluating applicants on the spiritual, academic, and behavioral requirements identified in the admissions criteria. Refer to our admissions criteria for more information.

7. When will families receive the admissions decision?
Families typically receive the admissions decision within one week of the applicants’ entrance testing and interviews.


Admissions Terms:

Accept: The student and parent(s) are deemed a qualified mission-match for HCA and acceptance is offered. Parents have two weeks from the date of the acceptance to complete the enrollment documents and submit the required enrollment fee. Acceptance may be revoked if the student’s final report card shows a drop in academic or behavioral performance.

Wait Pool: A student is placed in the “wait pool” when he/she qualifies as a mission-match for HCA but there is limited space available in the grade at that time. Wait pools are not prioritized wait lists. Should space become available in that grade, all candidates in the wait pool will be reviewed again by the Admissions Committee and the most qualified candidate will be selected.

Deny: When a student (and/or parent) is deemed not a mission-match for HCA, a denial letter is emailed to the parent(s) of the applicant. All parent communication is handled by the Enrollment Department. We are happy to clarify our admissions policies and procedures. However, due to the confidential nature of the admissions process, we are not always at liberty to discuss specific qualifications of any applicant, including reasons for denial. The denial decision is for one school year only and students are welcome to re-apply for future grades.

Placing Process on Hold: If a student’s report card, transcript, test scores, or other information provided on the application (including, but not limited to student and family church attendance) show that the applicant will not meet the HCA admissions criteria at this time, the admission process may be stopped. Out of respect for the applicant, the Enrollment Office will notify the parent(s) that the process has been placed on hold. Applicants are welcome to re-apply when the criteria are met.

Priority Consideration: It is the desire of HCA to keep families together by giving priority consideration to qualified siblings, alumni, current HCA preschool students, and children of HCA faculty if space is still available.