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School Life

Celebrating Life Together

At HCA, we foster an educational environment that helps our students experience the joy of being part of a Christian community that is dedicated to love, support, and sharpen one another (Proverbs 27:17). Through engaging class activities, enjoyable school events, and exciting student life, HCA is full of opportunities to build lasting friendships, celebrate life together, and enjoy being a part of the HCA family.


Middle and High School students participate in global mission trips to places like Texas, Mexico, and Uganda. Students see God move, and return home with tender hearts and fresh perspectives. Many of our students experience at least one missions trip by the time they graduate.

Christian Service

Sharing Christ’s love by serving our community and the world is an essential and important part of being a student at HCA. Each year, Hawthorne Christian Academy middle and high school students spend nearly 4,000 hours providing the community and world with Christian service.

Christian Service projects are also done by entire classes. Each year, the middle school runs a community/Christian service day in which they send different groups of students to serve on outreach projects. High School students run service days as well as different service projects that they complete as teams or organizations. The HS Student Council also chooses a world impact project every year to support through fundraising.

Students are also encouraged to serve in their own churches and communities.


Students in Lower School, Middle School, and High School attend weekly chapel services for student-led worship, and for encouraging messages from influential speakers.

Spiritual Emphasis Retreats

Hawthorne Christian Academy organizes a biennial retreat for High School students to build class unity and facilitate spiritual growth. These retreats center around challenging Biblical messages, small group discussions, and personal reflection. Retreats also offer free time for fun activities to build relationships.

High School students also experience spiritual emphasis days on campus biennially.

Middle school students participate in a spiritual emphasis program each year. They spend a few days on campus hearing from a dynamic guest speaker, broken up by small group discussions, team building activities, and opportunities for personal reflection.