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Visual Arts

A Canvas of Creativity

Art Program

Art classes at HCA are designed to inspire creativity in every student, from the beginner to the seasoned artist. Painting, drawing, printmaking, and sculpting are just a few of the disciplines explored. Students participate in local competitions and art events where they continue to place with high honors. The school year culminates with HCA’s two gallery events, which collectively display schoolwide artwork, and the annual ACSI Art Festival, at which our students’ work is showcased and awarded.

“The art program at HCA is a place for all students to explore their God- given creativity, ingenuity, craftsmanship, and talents. Each student has the opportunity to explore a wide variety of materials and styles, and to gain greater appreciation for the creativity that our creator God has given to His people.”

Elizabeth Westerman
HCA Art Teacher

The Arts

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Disciplines & Classes

Lower & Middle School:

  • LS/MS Art Survey Classes
  • Concepts of Art
  • Famous Artists & Periods
  • Art and Culture
  • Art Career Opportunities
  • Exploration of Materials

High School:

  • Art and Culture I-IV
  • Drawing / Painting Classes
  • Sculpting & Ceramics
  • Printmaking
  • Studio Art I & II
  • AP Studio Art