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Our friends, parents, alumni, and intercessors are vital to the success of HCA. Every prayer and every gift, regardless of the amount, has an impact and strengthens our mission to prepare our students academically and spiritually, to make a difference in the world.

Your support ensures excellence in our classrooms, computer labs, concerts, and athletic games. We depend on your partnership and support. There are many ways to offer that support, from our annual fund, to shopping initiatives, to planned giving, and more.

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Defender Fund

Throughout the history of HCA, and for all of us, throughout our lives, the Lord has always provided. There are at least 169 verses in the Bible that speak to the ways God provides for us. I am awed at how great God’s blessings are and how His gifts are far greater than what we could ever imagine. He is providing, yet again, for HCA. God is using our families, friends, and alumni to strengthen our mission. You can be a part of this family of supporters!

Tuition alone cannot cover the cost of educating a young Defender. To ensure the present and future needs of HCA we have created the ‘Defender Fund.’ All donations made to the ‘Defender Fund’ will support the HCA General Fund to help build the people and programs in the Academy.

What we sow into our students is ALIVE. Your contributions to HCA becomes ALIVE in our students as they represent Christ in this world. Help us continue to sow into our students and ensure HCA continues to be a strong, positive, Christian influence on more students and families for years to come. During this time of thanks giving, of generosity, of family, I ask you to please search your heart and consider how He has blessed you. Now is your chance to give what is in your heart and make an impact! Many blessings to you and your loved ones during this time of year and always!

For more information contact our HCA Advancement Office at (973) 423-3331 x225

Annual Giving

Annual giving provides critical unrestricted support for the basic operation of the Academy. Tuition covers approximately 90% of what it costs to educate our students. Annual giving helps make up the gap, enabling us to offer academic and extra-curricular activities that develop students’ potential, in addition to supporting financial aid. By contributing to HCA’s annual giving appeal, you’ll know that your gift will support students immediately and your donation is 100% tax-deductible.

For more information contact our HCA Advancement Office at (973) 423-3331 x225

General Fund

The General Fund for Excellence is the primary way in which parents, alumni, and friends provide gifts to Hawthorne Christian Academy each year. It directly supports the mission of HCA by providing financial resources for program enrichment, and financial assistance for students, faculty recruitment, retention, and professional development.

For more information contact our HCA Advancement Office at (973) 423-3331 x225

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Thank you for your willingness to selflessly give your time and effort to help our community. Thank you, generous donors, for your significant financial contributions that help us continue to make an impact on this world. And thank you, Lord for, allowing us to do your work and represent you in all that we do!