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When does the Admissions season begin?

The admissions season for Fall enrollment is ongoing. Parents and students are encouraged to experience the HCA community at one of our admissions events. Go to “Plan a Visit” to register. If there is room in the grade at the end of the first semester, we admit students in grades 6-11. We offer rolling admissions for students in grades Preschool-Grade 5 if space is available.

What is the deadline for admissions?

Applications are processed in the order they are received. Apply early, as class size is limited and may fill up quickly. Applications are available online.

Are there fees involved in applying to Hawthorne Christian Academy?

The application fees are as follows:

  • Preschool: $75.00
  • Lower-High School: $125.00


What is the kindergarten cut-off date?
The child must be five years old by October 1st of the year he/she will start kindergarten. There are no exceptions permitted.
How much weight does the Admission Committee give to test scores?

The Admission Committee evaluates a student’s potential success based on the application in its entirety. We review grades, behavior records, teacher/pastor recommendations, standardized test scores, entrance assessments, and the family interview.

What is the review process for an application?

Our goal at Hawthorne Christian Academy is to match students/families with our school mission statement by evaluating applicants on the spiritual, academic, and behavioral requirements identified in the admissions criteria. Refer to our admissions criteria for more information.

When will families receive the admissions decision?

Families typically receive the admissions decision within one week of the applicants’ entrance testing and interviews.

How do you define your Admissions decisions?

Accept: The student and parent(s) are deemed a qualified mission-match for HCA and acceptance is offered. Parents have two weeks from the date of the acceptance to complete the enrollment documents and submit the required enrollment fee. Acceptance may be revoked if the student’s final report card shows a drop in academic or behavioral performance.

Wait Pool: A student is placed in the “wait pool” when he/she qualifies as a mission-match for HCA but there is no space available in the grade at that time. Wait pools are not prioritized wait lists. Should space become available in that grade, all candidates in the wait pool will be reviewed again by the Admissions Committee and the “most qualified” candidate will be selected.

Deny: When a student (and/or parent) is deemed not a mission-match for HCA, a denial letter is mailed to the parent(s) of the applicant. All parent communication is handled by the Admissions department. We are happy to clarify our admissions policies and procedures. However, due to the confidential nature of the admissions process, we are unable to discuss specific qualifications of any applicant, including reasons for denial. In the case of siblings who are not accepted, every effort will be made to contact the families by phone as a courtesy, followed by a letter. The denial decision is for one school year only and students are welcome to re-apply for future grades.

Placing Process on hold: If a student’s report card, transcript, test scores, or other information provided on the application (including, but not limited to student and family church attendance) show that the applicant will not meet the HCA admissions criteria at this time, the admission process is stopped. Out of respect for the applicant, the Admissions Officer will notify the parent(s) that the process has been placed on hold. Applicants are welcome to re-apply when criteria are met.

Priority Consideration: It is the desire of HCA to keep families together by giving priority consideration to qualified siblings, alumni, current HCA preschool students, and children of HCA faculty if space is still available.

Does HCA offer financial assistance?

Yes. Tuition aid is based on financial need. To complete an application visit There also are several other ways to save on tuition including: SCRIP program, Tri-County Scholarship Fund (Passaic, Morris and Sussex County residents are eligible to apply), and the Merit Scholarships for Middle and High School students who have attended HCA for at least one year. For more information about these programs, feel free to contact our Director of Admissions at

Does HCA offer Scholarships?
Yes, the Merit scholarship is available for Middle School and High School students who have attended HCA for at least one year.


What grades do you offer?
HCA is a Preschool through 12th-grade school.
How many students are in the school?
Total enrollment for Preschool-12 is approximately 430 students.
What is the average class size?
Lower School: 10
Middle School: 14
High School: 18
What is the student/teacher ratio?
The ratio is approximately 9 to 1.
Is the school accredited?
Yes. HCA is accredited by the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools and by the Association of Christian Schools International.
What percentage of graduates go on to higher learning?
Over the last ten years, at least 97% of our graduates went on to institutes of higher learning.
Do students wear uniforms?
The Academy has recently instituted a dress code. Please see the Dress Code page for more information.
What interscholastic sports do you offer?

HCA offers a variety of High School and Middle School sports.

See the Athletics section of the website for more information.

Are instrumental lessons offered?
Yes. They are offered in grades 4-8 for an additional fee above tuition.
Do you have a cafeteria?

No, but we do have a partnership with Foodtown/Nicholas Market. Lunches can be ordered through their website and are delivered to the school each day. Our students in grades 2-12 leave their classrooms to have lunch in the Pavilion. Preschool, Kindergarten and grade 1 eat lunch and have a snack in their classrooms each day. Middle and High School students have a “Bagel Break” on Chapel Days in the Pavilion.

Do you have Before and After School Care?
Yes. HCA offers both Before School and After School Care for students in Preschool through grade 5 for a nominal fee. Students in grade 6-8 who are on campus after 3:10 pm are required to go to the Middle School Study Center, for which there is also a fee.
Does HCA have busing?
HCA does not provide busing, however, some towns will either provide busing or transport reimbursement in lieu of busing.
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